Sometimes it’s all about the timing; just ask James and Tom the brains and brawn behind NUDEFISH.

With a mutual love for healthy living and serving up fresh, honest food to the world, Tom merged his knowhow from running Bondi's much loved beachfront venue The Bucket List with James' business prowess and passion for healthy living.

Seeing how poke was being done abroad, Tom and James hit the dressing rooms and stripped poke right back to redesign it from the ground up as NUDEFISH. 

The rest our friends is history.

Restaurant Sitting.jpg


Qualified accountant, marketing whiz and food aficionado, James' love for taking healthy food from bland to brilliant landed him in some of Australia’s top restaurants where he built software applications to simplify restaurants ordering processes and help chefs better manage their operations. His unwavering desire to put his own stamp on poke has led to this latest venture.



Tom is not your average or typical chef, an influential figure on the Australian food scene, becoming head chef during his six year stint at Bistro Moncur. Now a co-owner and Head Chef of Bondi's much loved The Bucket List, his refreshing combination of healthy cooking, integrity in his life and his extensive experience makes this genuine, home grown talent stand out in a crowded industry of rising stars.



With 22 years experience in the industry and countless awards and acknowledgements, Jon is known as the Godfather of Seafood, not only in Australia, but globally. Admitted in to the Australian Food Industry Hall of Fame, for his services to the food industry, a seasoned pro who has worked with big wigs in the food game from Japan through to the Americas and now brings his fish wrangling magic to NUDEFISH