Born from our love of the sushi and sashimi bars of Japan to the poké shacks of Hawaii, NUDEFISH tips its hat to traditional poké, with a unique homegrown healthy spin.

We live to share and we’re big on the give – so we serve up a generous selection of fresh ingredients that invite you to do poké, your way. From our tantalising house favourites that have been put together with purpose and meaning, to the fully customisable BYOB option, you are rest assured to be on to a winner when dining with us at NUDEFISH.


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Our food philosophy at NUDEFISH, is “Boat to Bowl”.  Wanting to strip things back and serve the highest quality sashimi grade fish possible, we go straight to the source, the fishermen themselves. All of our fish is expertly handled before arriving to us where our chefs skillfully prepare it alongside our bases, mix ins, sauces and toppings.

Our approach is to consider all of the aspects of the fishery when making purchasing decisions and we proudly support Australian fisheries knowing that they operate under acts of law, which prohibit un-sustainable practices. Our sashimi grade fish are ike jime brain spiked, the most humane method of euthanizing the fish and retaining the upmost culinary integrity and are graded by a team trained to the highest Japanese standards to select the highest quality available.





Qualified accountant, marketing whiz and food aficionado, James' love for taking healthy food from bland to brilliant landed him in some of Australia’s top restaurants where he built software applications to simplify restaurants ordering processes and help chefs better manage their operations. His unwavering desire to put his own stamp on poke has led to this latest venture.



Tom is not your average or typical chef, an influential figure on the Australian food scene, becoming head chef during his six year stint at Bistro Moncur. Now a co-owner and Head Chef of Bondi's much loved The Bucket List, his refreshing combination of healthy cooking, integrity in his life and his extensive experience makes this genuine, home grown talent stand out in a crowded industry of rising stars.